Wine Cellars

Wine Cellars

Twins’ wine house consists of four cellars. The old cellar, which the twins inherited, is a closed type and currently functions as a bio cellar; An open-type cellar, which was created for scientific research, and a closed cellar, which is arranged in the ground below the museum. The scientific cellar allows visual observation of the chemical processes taking place in qvevri during wine making.

Bio-Certified Cellar

Since 2015, the company's Saferavi and Rkatsiteli vineyards have switched to organic production. As a result, in 2019, the company received a bio-certificate. Today, a 13-vessel closed type cellar is used for making organic wine, which is inspected annually and is completely isolated from other products.

Open Cellar

While visiting the territory of the complex, you will definitely notice our open cellar, which consists of 67 qvevris. In this cellar, you can attend the opening of qvevri and taste the newly opened wine on the spot.

Closed Cellar

There are 21 qvevris in the closed cellar of the Twins Wine House.

Scientific Cellar

Twin brothers, Gia and Gela Gatstulashvili, are one of the pioneers of scientific study of qvevris and Qvevri wine. In 2002-2005, the brothers obtained the 2nd academic degree in enology and viticulture. The scientific cellar houses qvevris made of different types of clay-minerals, baked at different temperatures, which played a key role in the production of the research.