There’s no traveling to Kakheti without delicious food. This is why one of the main stars of our tourist hub is our restaurant and its cuisine, run by the talented local chef with his creative team, treating our guests with Kakhetian and Imeretian deliciousness. The two spaces of our restaurants (closed - 300 people and open - 150 people) are impressive for small family/friends gatherings as well as for large and corporate parties and events.



Depending on the specifics, special attention is paid to traditional Georgian, in particular, Kakhetian dishes. You can see the full menu in the appetizing gallery at the bottom of this page, but before that we will tell you simply: family-grown Kakhetian pork barbecue, Kakhetian cheese served with hot shoti bread, beef stew, village fruits, vegetables and greens. This, of course, is not a complete list, but we won't go any further…



The menu of our restaurant is a kind of gallery of red, white, pink, dry and semi-sweet, branded and organic wines, as well as chacha and brandy, made by the Georgian traditional method.

Through our restaurant, we can share with you a full range of production with decades of experience, and what is especially impressive, "Tavankara" straight from the Qvevri. This is the selection that is sold not only in Georgian, but also in American, German, British, Swedish and French trade networks. Visit our catalog page to view the full range.


Private and corporate orders

Our restaurant spaces are open to both hotel guests and any temporary visitors. In a nutshell - even 150 and 300 guests will be received for corporate and private parties. Contact us to book in advance.