Qvevri and Qvevri Wine Museum

Qvevri and Qvevri Wine Museum

"Museum of Qvevri and Qvevri Wine" is a unique museum that describes in detail the entire process of making wine in Qvevri. It was founded in 2014 by Gia and Gela Gamtkitsulashvili. It consists of 5 exhibition spaces, an eight-meter monument of the Qvevri and a cellar.

The museum presents exhibits related to Qvevri wine, a collection of perennial wines of the "Twin Winery House", various archival photographs, as well as information about Georgian grape varieties, Qvevri, wine cellar and wine press.

While visiting it, you will travel to the world of Georgian wine traditions, where you will get to know the history and become a participant in the wine making process. The main exhibit of the museum is three 500-liter, 1/3-cut qvevris, which are covered with glass, and the visitor can observe: pressing, fermentation, self-cleaning, natural filtration, extraction of wine and chacha, etc.

The main exhibit of the museum is three 500-liter, 1/3 cut qvevris covered with glass. This allows the viewer to observe the whole process of putting the wine in the qvevri: crushing, boiling, self-cleaning, natural filtration, removal of wine and chacha, etc.

The museum is open daily from 09:00 to 21:00.

Admission to the museum is:

For adults: 30 GEL

For students: 10 GEL

For school students: 5 GEL

Admission is free for: children under 6, socially vulnerable adults, museum staff from Georgia and abroad, ICOM members, category I and II disabled people, soldiers and refugees.