Twins Wine

The Twins Wine House in Napareuli is a family business based on the family tradition. Until the end of the XX century, family wine production was done in small quantities - for the family use, but in 1997, the twin brothers Gia and Gela Gamtkitsulashvili started commercial production of the family Qvevri wine, rebuilt the ancestral wine cellar and laid the foundation for the development of a tourist complex.

The ancient Georgian tradition of Qvevri wine-making, used by the Twin Wine House, has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, 2013) as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Based on this cultural heritage, The Twins’ family also uses family knowledge and traditions for wine-making.

Twins Winery is located in the village of Napareuli, Telavi district, Kakheti region. Kakheti is the best wine region of Georgia and produces a large quantity of high quality wines. Napareuli Wine microzone is located on the left bank of the Alazani River valley. Napareuli white and red wine is known as one of the best dry wines. The Napareuli microzone has a temperate and balanced climate, and the soil characteristics reward the wine with earthy tones, which adds extra charm to our wine selection.

There are more than 130 qvevris in our winery. The smallest qvevri is 50 liters, the largest - 5 tons. Twins Winery covers 15 hectares of vineyard land, including 3 hectares of bio/organic vineyards. For their wine, twins also collect grapes from local vine-growers, the quality of which is personally ensured.

Saperavi, Alazani Valley, Khikhvi, Kisi, Kakhetian Green, Napareuli and Rose are produced in the wine cellar of the twins. Winery also distills chacha and brandy. 

Our wine brands are: "Qvevris Mze", "Twins", "Firuzi" and "Tavankara".

Consumers often say that our wine brings joy and warmth like the sun - hence the name of our first brand "Qvevris (clay pot)  Mze (Sun)".


The wine "Twins" is obtained by "twinning" two methods of wine production, which makes it unique. The first is the method of producing ancient Georgian wine - in a qvevri with maceration - fermentation  with grape skin. The second method is the European approach - aging wine in oak barrels, which in the case of "Twins" takes 1 year. Hence our unique wine "Twins" is obtained - with balanced, deep and precious characteristics, which makes it a premium quality wine.


Firuzi is our bio/organic wine brand. The wine is made in compliance with European standards and is certified by relevant Georgian and European organizations. We created Firuzi in honor of our family's great ancestor - Firuz Gamkitsulashvili. Firuzi organic wine falls into the category of natural wine due to its vinification process and low sulfate level. In addition, “Firuzi” is also a name of a precious, raw stone Turquoise, which according to many different cultures is a carrier of wisdom, prosperity and hope.


Tavankara is a top layer of a Qvevri wine. In Georgian, Tavankara means pure, top quality wine. This layer is naturally filtered and separated from the rest of the Qvevri wine. This type of wine can be made from approximately 30% to 40% of the total Qvevri capacity. This type of wine production was facilitated by the unique transparent Qvevris at the Twins Wine House, where Tavankara wine can be observed - an innovative approach to observe the qvevri (a design patented by Twins Wine House).

Today, the Twins Wine House produces about 250,000 liters of wine annually, half of which is supplied to the Georgian market and the rest is exported. The main niche of the company is traditional Georgian Qvevri wine, but the company also produces wine made according to European style.

You can buy our assortment both in our stores and in the stores and restaurants of our partners, as well as online, on our website.